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Opus Atelier Runway Event 2015

Eva photographed Opus Atelier’s fashion show at One Devonshire Gardens at the end of last year and we’re finally getting a chance to share it! Lots of amazing vendors were involved, maybe there are some ideas in there for future brides?? 😉

Dresses: Opus Atelier (Berta, Badgley Mischka, Enzoani and Charlie Brear) | Hair Stylist: Anne Marie McElroy, AMM Hair & Makeup | Makeup Artist: Julie Diplacito  | Floral Archway: Mood Flowers | Videographer: White Balloon Films

opus_atelier_0000 opus_atelier_0001 opus_atelier_0002 opus_atelier_0003 opus_atelier_0003a opus_atelier_0004 opus_atelier_0004a opus_atelier_0005 opus_atelier_0005a opus_atelier_0006 opus_atelier_0007 opus_atelier_0008 opus_atelier_0009 opus_atelier_0010 opus_atelier_0011 opus_atelier_0012 opus_atelier_0016opus_atelier_0025 opus_atelier_0017opus_atelier_0022 opus_atelier_0020 opus_atelier_0021 opus_atelier_0023 opus_atelier_0023a opus_atelier_0024opus_atelier_0019 opus_atelier_0026 opus_atelier_0030 opus_atelier_0031 opus_atelier_0032 opus_atelier_0033 opus_atelier_0035 opus_atelier_0035a opus_atelier_0036 opus_atelier_0037 opus_atelier_0038 opus_atelier_0039 opus_atelier_0040 opus_atelier_0041 opus_atelier_0042 opus_atelier_0043 opus_atelier_0044