an inspired workshop

I’ve been a huge fan of Sarah Gardner‘s photography for a long time now so when she announced
she was holding “An Inspired Workshop” I jumped at the chance! My friend Linzie Russo and I
went down a few months ago to the lovely Tofte Manor. We had an amazing time and it was really
nice doing something creative for myself for a wee change! Here’s a few of the images that I took
on the day. Thanks again to Sarah for being such a lovely host! Eva x

2013-12-15_0001 2013-12-15_00062013-12-15_0007 2013-12-16_00032013-12-15_0008 2013-12-15_0005 2013-12-15_0003 2013-12-15_0004 2013-12-15_0002 2013-12-15_0009 2013-12-15_0031 2013-12-15_0012 2013-12-15_0025 2013-12-15_00292013-12-15_0013 2013-12-15_0015 2013-12-15_0014 2013-12-15_0028 2013-12-15_0016 2013-12-15_0010 2013-12-15_0011 2013-12-15_0017 2013-12-15_0019 2013-12-15_0022 2013-12-15_0021 2013-12-15_0027 2013-12-15_0023 2013-12-15_0024 2013-12-16_0002 2013-12-15_0032 2013-12-15_0018 2013-12-15_0030 2013-12-16_0004

  • Gorgeous Eva...was such a lovely break away with you! Noticed no trampoline shots included. Maybe I should do mine ;-) xx

  • Wow, how beautiful and peaceful...looks amazing! I can't believe I actually held two workshops, the whole experience was a blur, I think I remembered to take two pictures!! Your images are fantastic, it was a real pleasure to finally met you and Linzie and spend the day being creative. Have a great Christmas and 2014. Sx

  • M said:

    Wow...breath-taking! Love them all! I could get really creative/nostalgic in that environment! :O)

  • Haha Linz! I don't think anyone would want to see those trampoline shots ;)

    I know where you live! Xxx

  • Beverly said:

    Very beautiful images. Visiting from Sarah's FB link.

  • Brenda Loff said:

    LOVE♥♥♥. Can I live here please? !! Lol